How technology is helping the older generation live more independently

It’s apparent that technology is playing an increasingly important role in helping people live longer and more independently in their own homes, but exactly how is not so well known. Significant numbers of the older population are simply unaware of the technologies available to them in today’s market, many of which could greatly enhance their quality of life.

To give you a flavour of what is available, take a look at 5 cost-effective gadgets that could assist you or a loved one with day-to-day living.

Medication alarms

Quite often life gets in the way of things, leading you to take your medication late in the day, or even miss a cycle entirely. Medication alarms will remind you to take your pills on time, and some even come with pill dispensers so you can organise your tablets to avoid mix-ups. If you or a loved one have limited hearing, some come fitted with an LED flashing feature as well.

Fall alerts

As you get older, having a medical alert system can be incredibly beneficial should you ever have an emergency and need to contact a family member. However, up until now, it was rare that any were fitted with a feature that can detect emergencies, and contact a relative for you. A fall detection device does exactly what it says on the tin – it detects when you or a loved one has had a fall and will automatically contact the family or doctor for you, whichever is preferable.

A fall detection device comes in many forms – from watches and jewellery, to home-fitted systems.

GPS jewellery

Another great piece of technology that’s been developed in recent years is GPS jewellery, where family members can keep track of their loved one’s whereabouts via their smartphone, tablet or web browser. Items of jewellery are synced with GPS technology which allows real-time syncing, a detailed report of location history, and even allows users to set up a safe radius for their loved one. If jewellery isn’t their thing, it’s possible for shoes to be fitted with a GPS tracking device – take a look at the GPS SmartSole.

Robot vacuums

Keeping the house clean and tidy is one of the bigger tasks facing older adults when living independently in their own home. Many have less strength, stamina or physical capacity, making it difficult to use heavy-duty vacuums or getting on all fours to scrub floors. That’s where a robotic cleaning device can help. The devices boast multi-room navigation, a 3-stage cleaning process and a filter for allergens.

Smart kitchenware

Over time, we become more susceptible to conditions that make it harder to accomplish tasks that would usually be straightforward if we were to rewind a few years. Some of those illnesses can cause muscle tremors, which is when certain parts of your body don’t function as well as they used to. If you or a loved one is suffering from muscular problems, particularly in your hands, try self-steadying kitchen cutlery, introduced by Liftware. Using advanced sensors and motion technology, the cutlery reduces shakes by up to 70%. It also boasts a self-levelling functionality for those struggling to hold their cutlery straight when eating.

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