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Our offering

There comes a time when we all feel we need help with our daily living. Often this help comes from our families; but juggling the support of loved ones, alongside all the other pressures of daily life, can be tough. That's how Everycare Winchester helps. We become your extended family, combining care, support and friendship with professional help, provided when you need it.

Our care

We believe it is our responsibility to restore balance and harmony back to the home by supporting you or your loved one whatever the situation:

  • Old age

  • Dementia

  • Learning disability

  • Long-term conditions e.g. Parkinson's or post-stroke or short-term
    care after hospital treatment or injury


The Everycare Promise


Everycare Winchester's passion is simple — our goal is to help our clients live in their own homes independently for as long as possible. Numerous studies have shown that this brings significant health benefits and improves general wellbeing.

Everycare Winchester are different to other care providers. For us, care is all encompassing. It means bringing laughter, happiness, friendship, independence, trust, safety, security and fulfilment into the lives of those we look after. Our approach restores quality of life and gives peace of mind to families.

You can rest assured that your needs are at the heart of everything we do. We take the time to to understand exactly what you want from an in-home care and support service. Then together with you, we build your unique personal care and support plan tailored to your personal desires.

With Everycare Winchester you get a small, friendly, approachable team that can react quickly to your needs, always going the extra mile to deliver outstanding service.


Russell, Winchester

“I’ve been using Everycare for 18 months now. They supply excellent personal services in the sense that they keep me company, which is rather important. I have mostly 24 hour care, helping with my meals, the washing and light cleaning around the house and all of those things are done with good humour and on time. They are nice people to work with.”

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